About Grace

KC’s Grace is a ministry with very deep roots in the Historic Northeast Neighborhood of Kansas City.

We are a diverse group of people with real life stories of God’s transformation — at work in us – NOW! We are individuals who know what it is like to need a safe space, to need a fresh start, to want to be a part of a community … to seek God.

In addition to the English speaking part of our ministry, we also partner with a Congolese ministry and a Spanish ministry.

Whether you have been in the neighborhood for generations or are a new immigrant – married, single, family, young, kid, teen — Grace is a place you’d be welcomed.

We know, you have a story – we love stories – we’ll share our stories — and our lives.  … and as we share life together as family, we will walk a journey that will allow the God of relationships to come and sit with us — and transform our lives.

We invite you to join us on a journey in a safe place where you can seek God, begin again, and be a part of the Grace family.

Grace Leadership: meet Pastor Tammy

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